7 proven steps to
thrive in any economy

The recording of our August 13th event 
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The world is very uncertain, maybe MORE than any other time in the history of our lives.
Do you want to be READY and PREPARED, or wait and react when it becomes URGENT?
  •   Release the struggle, anxiety and stress if the economy takes a downturn
  •  Have the mental and emotional confidence that your practice is always profitable, sustainable, easy, and fun!
  •  Have your practice run like a machine through all conditions
  • Eliminate time and money objections, if patients move into fear
  • ​Create a powerful, unwavering, lifestyle culture now!


  • The most important number to thrive
    (it's not new patients)!
  •   4 Mindsets to get family referrals on Day 1 & Day 2 every time.
  • ​​The economy does not dictate your values - creating even higher value for your care. 
  • ​​Health is not measured by the economy - Lifestyle, Mindset and care for your patients and families. 
  • ​​How to set purpose-driven 20-30 year life goals for lifetime retention.
  • ​The re-exam secret that creates lifestyle mindset and care.
  • ​​5 Step system for more families to live a Chiropractic lifestyle.

The Elite Coaches for this recorded
ONE-TIME event

Dr. Fred DiDomenico

Dr. Pilar Labriola

Dr. Joe Labriola

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