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3 Secrets to patients making all their appointments without having to chase them down or call them.

Uncategorized May 20, 2018

Hello #chiropracticbelievers!

One of the most frustrating yet most important aspect of our practice is when patients don’t miss their appointment and even worse, don’t call. Not only does this create more work for your front desk staff to have to chase them down for their appointments, more importantly when seeing more people in a bigger practice means more work making phone calls, your growth immediately stops.

The most important aspect of your practice is your % kept appointments. When your % kept appointments is a 95% average, seeing more people is no work at all. When it is below 90%, your front desk feels like a telephone soliciting job making calls to patients. This will automatically tank the tone of your team and shut down your growth.

This is one of the most powerful stats we track and then apply communication one-liners based on human behavior with chiropractic principle that helps doctors and teams take their practices well over 90% kept appointments and very easy growth with team loving it!! We teach these principles in the “Creating Chiropractic Believers Boot Camps.”

Let’s talk about 3 secrets that will make your patients WANT to be there consistently, without you chasing them.

Secret #1They are in the state of health, or the state of disease

(Boot Camp #1)

A subluxated spine shuts down the energy in the nervous system breaking down their body and health. They are now in the state of disease. When their spine and posture are weak and subluxated, they are not moving 100% energy into their organs. ANY loss of energy to their organs means their body and health is breaking down, period!

If their posture is strong and healthy, they are moving much more energy into their body and organs, their body is healing and in the state of health. Therefore, they are in either state depending on their posture. This is black and white. The problem is when we put in grey. You are either subluxated or not. Being a little subluxated is STILL subluxated.

You are using posture as a tool to determine how the spinal cord and nervous system is working. Your focus is on the brain, spinal cord and nerves, NOT just the mechanics of their spine and posture. You are using spine and posture as a diagnostic tool. This is a whole new reference point for spinal and postural corrective docs.

Once they understand that principle, they are coming in to their appointment for the BENEFIT of the adjustment. When their posture is stronger and healthier, their body is in a healing state for the next 24-36 hours, especially when they do their home care. When they come in for their postural corrective adjustment and care, they receive the next 36 hours of healing. If they miss their appointment, they get an ADDITIONAL 48 hours of disease and a weakening body and health because they missed their appointment.

Therefore, they are either getting the next 36 hours of healing or disease, which do they choose? If they think they are merely missing an adjustment, there is very little consequence. If they miss an adjustment and miss 36 hours of healing and a stronger, healthier body, there is a much larger consequence and benefit.

Therefore; teach them, “Which state of health do you want to live?” This is the truth of corrective chiropractic.

Secret #2Give them a short-term goal. (Boot Camp #2)

The secret to long term retention is to keep a short-term goal in front of them. When a person loses sight of “Why” they are there, they begin missing appointments, and it is just a matter of time before they quit care.

Patients get distracted by a plethora of life conditions every day. If they don’t have a very clear, distinct goal in front of them they will succumb to their conditions in their world. The metaphorical “carrot” must stay in front of them, directly in their vision. You do this at the re-exam. We have an 8 Step re-exam in Elite we teach at Boot Camp #2. In step 3 we tell them, “What we expect to see in 30 days,” at their next re-exam. Since we focus on overall health, we have them subjectively measure their % improvement on their health problems from Day #1 consultation. As you see postural correction, you also see improvement on their health problems as well as pain. You give them a goal on % improvement on their overall health and symptoms by their next re-exam based on their level of progress to that point.

You will find, not only are they highly motivated to reach those goals, they will make every appointment to reach them, and when they do, they make those goals and more! Their enthusiasm and self-reward is so powerful to them their excitement and desire to refer raises to a new level. It is human behavior that people LOVE to reach goals and if they follow your program they will reach them. If they don’t reach their goal, there is a reason that becomes clear, and we help you with that as well.

Give them goals in small steps along their program and you will see them become disciplined and motivated to make their appointments without you or your team talking to them.

Secret #3: Pleasure makes permanent change in behavior:

Pain ignites change, meaning begins change. Pleasure is what makes change permanent, meaning to create a lifetime patient, pleasure must be the motivation. We have been taught to tell a patient they will lose their results if they quit care. Although that is true, it is a consequence/pain motivation and doesn’t work. Have you told a patient not to quit and they decided to stay the rest of their life?

Not only do we have all pleasure benefits in our 8 step re-exam taught in Boot camp #2, we also have a 5 reward system where patients are rewarded for achievement. Many of you may say you already do this when I show you, however it’s the WAY you do it that matters most.

5 rewards:

  • Patient of the week.
  • Patient of the month.
  • Correction of the month.
  • Trash can of limiting beliefs.
  • Lifetime Health Club

Let me briefly explain. It’s not that you just give them the reward, you publicly acknowledge them in front of their patients. When you give them the reward, you step them out if the rehab/adjusting area, congratulate them and let them tell their story of success. Not only does this reward them emotionally and create a deeper connection to your culture and members, you are simultaneously teaching the other patients how they can reach a new level of health, but also the story of the patient is teaching them how to refer. Everyone wins! You are meeting ALL of their emotional needs (we teach the 6 human emotional needs every patient must satisfy in your clinic to stay for life, or they will quit).

  • Patient of the week – this is given to patients that make all their appointment, refer, bring their kids, follow the core values of your culture/practice.
  • Patient of the month – given to patients that do something of more value. They set you up in their work, refer families, etc.
  • Correction of the month – Patients that receive a great post x-ray correction. This reward supports their effort and also teaches other patients about how to receive max health benefits in your clinic. Correction relates their overall health and differentiates you from previous non-corrective chiropractors.
  • Trash can of limiting beliefs – when patients get off their drugs they throw the empty drug bottles int eh trash can with a testimonial of how they viewed themselves as a slave to drugs for health and how empowered they feel about themselves now they are healthy on their own without drugs. Since people live what they believe, you are helping them change their belief systems about themselves, which is far more powerful of a motivator than facts. It also teaches the other patients to refer people who are on drugs for health problems.
  • Lifetime Health Club – This is a predesignated wall that you post pictures of patients who made it through correction into lifetime health. This gives EVERY patient a long-term goal they aspire to achieve that represents health for life. This is a massive pleasure reward. EVERY patient wants this reward, even from the beginning of their care. Keep this one in front of them and they will aspire to get there! This one reward is a game changer for increasing your lifetime patients.

These systems are ALL taught in Elite in more detail, so your team can carry these out with little effort on your part. Every system is based on human behavior research that leads to long term change in the way people want to live their life. Since people live what they believe, let’s change what they believe about chiropractic, their health and life, so they can live a better life with chiropractic for life.

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