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4 Qualities That Make a Decision Powerful

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2017

Watch the video version: https://youtu.be/jAkEOODsiV0

In this week's blogs, I will look at what makes a decision stick with you, what makes you hold onto something you've decided to keep, whether it's good for you or not.

There are four qualities that make a decision powerful. People make decisions that get wired into them and create subconscious behaviors. Here they are:

One: the longer that decision has been in place, the more powerful it will be.

Two: when a decision is made under highly emotional conditions, the more powerful it will be.

Three: when a decision is made under a key precedent, where a person has made that decision before and it created a precedent, the stronger the decision will be.

Four: the more a decision has been repeated and rewarded the stronger it will be.

I'll look at the first two here.

First, then, the earlier a decision is made in their life the stronger it will be. For example, someone says to you (and to himself): "I have high...

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The Physiology of Influence

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2017

In my last post, we looked at the psychology of influence, to help patients see what's best for them. Here let's consider physiology. Now we have focus on the organs, we have meaning, "I feel like a failure." "How's that make you feel?" "It's depressing." "Do you feel that in your body right now?" What they feel in their body wires in their mind, that's what they remember, that's the impression.

Now you go to the exam, they've got to feel injured, so you're going to shift them in their postural distortions. Someone's got a translation, you dig on the side of compression. They got lateral flexion, dig on the side of compression until they squirm so they feel injured. Not pain—pain doesn't motivate people. Injury is why people go see a doctor, so you touch them. You show them where their nerve distribution is, you touch them from head to toe.

How you touch them in the exam and create the kinesthetic experience shifts their physiology. It can actually shift the meaning. Once you...

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The Psychology of Influence for Your Practice

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2017

I want to give you an important tip. In fact, your patients' lives depend on this tip: 80% of influence is psychology and physiology. The remaining 20% are facts.

So what is chiropractic? What has the chiropractic profession taught us? It's taught us how to describe a subluxation, how to describe the principle, certainly—but have you ever noticed that when you talk with patients, show them their X-rays, talk to them about the principle, show them their spine's subluxated, that they don't react? You're more likely to hear, "Doc, what's my insurance cover? Can you just crack my back?" You're less likely to hear them say they understand and that they want to change their life.

Why does one person get it, and another person never shift focus? It's our fault. We didn't know how to influence them. When you consider that 80% of influence is psychology and physiology, then you know that you have to change the way they feel to change their psychology and then justify it with fact.


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The Time Is Now to Take Action to Improve Your Results

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2017

What if you could bring your practice to another level? What would that mean to you? What would that feel like to actually manifest that in your life?

Because you're reading these blogs, I know that you're an action-taker, and you're ready to take the next step. So if you're already on track, and you're reaching your goals, and you're reaching new levels, all the power to you. If you need some help, or you feel like you'd like to make faster progress or aren't on track, then you can create a lot of momentum to really make this time right now significant.

We all know that chiropractic is not just a job. It's a life purpose. You came into this life to be a chiropractor, to change people's lives, and change humanity. That's your vision and purpose, and it's mine too. Your greatest fear is not achieving those things. When is really the best time to reach your vision? You could look around you and look at your conditions and feel successful, but until you reach what you know is your true...

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Coaching to Grow Your Business

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2017

I believe that spinal correction is the greatest thing that God ever gave humanity, that if you're a spinal corrective doctor, then you deserve to create more lifetime patients. Remember, in 1918 chiropractic became famous because the chiropractic patients made it through influenza. We are at that point right now where humanity is begging us for something different, and chiropractic is the answer. You know it!

If you can learn a system where I spent 20 years in professional communication system and training, and you can do that...you can grow your practice. Here's what the boot camps are not. We're not going to get up at five in the morning and do squats and pushups. We're not going to run around. We're not going to stand on top of a tall telephone pole. It's not about hanging from a zip line. Go to Costa Rica and do that. Workout whenever you want.

This boot camp is none of that find more information here. It's an advanced communication system that I developed after more...

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Overcoming Obstacles to Change: The Past and Control

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2017

Watch the video version: https://youtu.be/MgzD_flaauk

In my last post, I looked at what I call the first obstacle to change: considering that something is inevitable. As I said, when you consider something to be inevitable, you're creating mental paralysis, because you say that something is out of your hands.

We address this in our boot camps, where we clear people of their limiting beliefs, and we teach you how to do this with your patients.

Another obstacle to change is this: something in the past.

What does this mean? You've probably heard it from your patients, something along the lines of: "Ever since that accident, things haven't been right." Or, "Ever since this accident, or incident, I've had this problem."

People blame their condition on something in their past that they can't change. It might not be an accident. It could simply be an encounter: "I had a doctor who told me he was going to fix me, and he didn't." Or, "Chiropractors: once you go, you always have to. I...

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Get to the Truth Behind the Thought

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2017

What's the thought behind the thought?

Watch the video version: https://youtu.be/MgzD_flaauk

This is a question that you should always ask yourself in order to know what your clients and patients are really getting at.

Sometimes patients tell you one thing, but they mean another—their explanations are a mix of what they believe, what they wish, and what they feel.

In the next few blogs, I'm going to explore with you how you can overcome the obstacles that your patients and clients place in their own way, obstacles that prevent them from changing. They come to see you because they're hurting, but when they come to see you they might still have doubts about what you can do to help them resolve their problems.

I'm going to be exploring here how you deal with those doubts and obstacles.

First up, what's the thought behind the thought? Your patient's thought is what they're saying. But the thought behind that thought is what they're thinking. And this is based on their...

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