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Align with People's Purpose

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2017

We need to get every patient to the point of contribution. We've taken them through those six human needs, and we've taken them so far through 6 of the 7 Steps to Enabling People to Master Change. Now it's about giving back. As spiritual beings, everybody wants to contribute. Step 7 is to align with people’s purpose so that they share what they experience for the good of all.

We get them to the point of unconditional love. We get them past their stuff. We get them un-subluxated. They become clear with their life purpose and their desire to contribute.

This is what it's really about. It's about getting them to contribution.

To recap, here are the 7 steps to enabling your patients to master change:

  1. Understand others (speak their language)
  2. Establish a base so that people accept responsibility for where they are
  3. Interrupt their pattern of denial
  4. Redefine the problem
  5. Introduce a new state
  6. Condition that new state
  7. Align with their purpose

Did you know that 20% of your patients are responsible for 80% of your referrals? How can we get the 20% to act like the 80%?

We do it through engagement. We build a community. That's why we don't call it a doctor's report. We call it regaining youth and vitality. Keys to staying young and healthy for a lifetime. The report must have a title that people respond to.

You do that with a responsibility. We do that with a re-exam. We have an eight step re-exam, and it gets them into a peak state, so by the time that they're done with that exam, they are on a peak state. When people are in a higher state, they're more inspired. Every time somebody is excited about something, they want to tell other people.

We have a system for this. At the end of the exam, we ask, "Do you want to share with this with someone? You have a brand-new body. Who else is in your life?"

You create inspired leaders. You talk about their purpose. You align their purpose on a daily basis. "I know your career was important, man. You put value on being a great leader. How many people in your company want to feel what you feel?" We go to that purpose for referrals.  

This is life coaching. When they want to contribute to the lives of others, then living that life is easy. That's how you create lifetime patient: get them to the level of contribution. How? Values, identity, purpose, talk about it, introduce it, condition it into them. Then, remind them, bring it back into their minds so they can feel it in their body. When they feel it in their body, that's how they'll act.

Now you get every patient to the level of contribution. Now watch that culture, watch your practice grow. It has a life force of its own. It has unity, it has love, it has purpose. Isn't that what you want to do?



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