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Are you tired of "convincing" & "selling" that you care?

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2017

Does it feel, at times, like you are pushing the boulder uphill trying to convince some patients to do what we really know is best for them?  How frustrating can it feel when you know you can help someone change their life and they give excuses why they don’t have time, money or even priority?  You have probably already experienced this and have also discovered that giving them more information doesn’t make a difference or talk them into care.  What do you do next?

In my first 11 years of practice and 4 clinics, I had the same experience, being passionate and purpose driven for chiropractic, the desire to create as many lifetime patients as possible, while trying to convince too many patients that chiropractic leads to a better life.  Trying to convince even one patient feels like too many.  Have you felt that too?  And when they objected, the more I tried to convince them, the more it felt like I was “selling.”   At times it almost felt degrading, yet this was all I knew because this was all I was taught, describe an x-ray and talk about the principle.  What I found was some people just didn’t care.

The truth is some patients come in to see us, many for pain relief, at first.  They are looking for a possible quick fix then move on, while we want to teach them how to live their life differently with chiropractic for them and their family, just to start.  How do we completely change their perspective, possible belief systems and find the inspiration to live a better life now?  Isn’t that really our purpose?  Doesn’t this sound like a self-empowerment system?

In truth, chiropractors are actually similar to self-empowerment coaches.  Self -empowerment coaches help people identify their limiting beliefs, help clear them, and help them find inspiration already inside them to take empowered action to live a better life.  Does this sound like what we do as chiropractors?  Don’t we want pain patients to completely change their perspective, live their life differently, become passionate and motivated by chiropractic as their primary health care system?

There are three problems with this:

  1. We’ve never been professionally trained on self-empowerment communication and techniques in the chiropractic profession on how to achieve this because it has not existed in the past.
  2. As successful as you may be right now, because you may not have had specific professional training in human behavior, how to identify and clear limiting beliefs and a system to lead people into empowered action, you will still have potential lifelong chiropractic powerhouse patients walking out your door.
  3. This communication training can be the difference between your successful practice vs. fulfilling your purpose in practice with even more committed, lifetime patients.

Do you have a vision for your purpose that’s bigger than what you are doing right now, and you have a driving urge to fulfill it? If yes, could a step by step communication system based on human behavior, how people make empowered decisions in their life that eliminates all objections in advance and moves them into full commitment to your care, help you?

These 5 steps have already proven to be this effective with well over 200 doctors who attended our Elite Coaching patient management and advance communication training boot camps, just in the last few years.

These 5 steps will give you unwavering conviction and confidence to handle any person in front of you without ever having to convince or sell. Are you ready to begin to learn this?

Here are the 5 steps:

  1. They have to say, “I have a full spine problem.”
  2. They have to say, I don’t want to be like this anymore.”
  3. Eliminate other options.
  4. They must know what they want.
  5. Prove the correction.

Let’s explain each step so you can understand the emotional decision-making process and why this can give you the confidence to handle anyone in front of you.

First let’s explain a powerful influential characteristic in human behavior.  People don’t quit care because of what they said. They quit because of what they DIDN’T say.  When a person states something they become neuro-emotionally committed to it.  In other words, it can become hard wired into their nervous system.  This behavior is called commitment and consistency.  Multiple small agreements lead to big agreements. We all know this. When a person makes an agreement, especially several agreements they tend to adhere to those commitments. Any action against that commitment even feels unnatural.  These 5 steps are a multiple agreement, step by step system, guiding patients through a decision-making process that has already been studied, proven and used by top world class influencers. In fact, this process originated by Anthony Robbins in his Mastering Influence product and applied to corrective chiropractic by myself after intense study.

Let me briefly explain the thought process so you can see why it has always been powerfully effective at eliminating objections in advance with doctors who trained in the Elite Chiropractic Coaching Patient Management system and boot camps.

  1. “I have a Full spine problem:” They have to say this statement. Why? A full spine problem is bigger than back pain therefore it eliminates the objection, “just fix my back.”  Because it’s a bigger problem, it matches longer, corrective programs, which eliminates money and insurance objections.  They must say this statement in the consultation and exam on Day 1 at least 2-3 x’s, as well as the day 2 ROF.  Pain care is the result of a patient NOT saying this statement.
  2. “I don’t want to be like this anymore:” For a person to take definite action, they must make a fully committed decision. In human behavior, people make a definite change in their life when they say they have had enough, I must change now because they become intolerable of the condition they are in.  In other words, they must say, “I don’t want to be like this anymore.”  You can direct a patient into this feeling by focusing on their overall health and helping them assign a definite emotion associated with their health problem.  For example, they may feel “overwhelmed” because their energy levels and metabolism are so low and weak and it’s hard to get through their day.  Associating an emotion with only pain is not as effective because it is very temporary.  AS soon as they get pain relief you have solved their problem and relieved the negative emotion it has been associated with.  You can learn how to take a patient into this decision by focusing on their overall health, so they enter your program for lifetime care.  If they DON’T say this, they will not take a bigger action step toward commitment.  Many objections are a result of the lack of this statement, as it initiates empowered action.
  3. “Eliminate all other options:” Once a patient has decided they don’t want to be like this anymore, and are ready to change their life, you want to guide their motion. That means you eliminate the medical care, “I want a second opinion,” objection, as well as physical therapy, yoga, pilates, and all the other excuses they use to try other alternatives that will not replace spinal correction. For patients that have tried these therapies in the past that haven’t worked, you can say something like, “Are you done doing therapies you’ve done in the past that haven’t given you long term results and a strong, healthy body?”  You can also cite research on chronic back pain using exercise as treatment and how it causes more disability.  This step brings them to an unwavering conclusion that your spinal corrective programs are their ONLY solution.  Their choice is now singular.
  4. They must know what they want: People don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want.  If they bought what they needed EVERY patient would be a lifelong patient and that’s probably NOT what’s happening in your practice.  For this reason, we have them write 20-30 year health and life goals.  You ask them how committed to this life are you?  What would your health have to be like to live this life?  And, what is the most important thing in your life?  They will answer, their health.    Now you have associated their deepest desire with your program.  We have a 7 step ROF that is a life coaching interview to help them become SO INSPIRED by the life they want, they are now investing in your program to achieve and live it.  This way they are not buying your program, they are buying the life they want. Your program is how to get it, and there is a system to show you how to get them VERY emotionally committed to that life.  This releases any money or time objection.
  5. Prove the correction: Now we justify with fact by showing them a correction potential x-ray. This is done by lying a patient on a small bench in front of your x-ray machine while a Denneroll, from CBP, is placed under their cervical spine. This will show a corrected curve.  You show them this x-ray after you review their commitment to their health and life goals. Now they are emotionally engaged, and you have the hard facts, the x-ray, to prove their results.

This is a brief introduction of the 5 steps.  To learn more about the influential and powerful 5 step process you can CLICK HERE to watch a webinar hosted by myself with Dr. Chris Zaino.  You will quickly see the mindset and system in more detail with a more detailed step by step implementation to create more qualified, committed patients.  It is truly a game changer. 

Also for any questions, always feel free to contact me personally on my coaching line at 949-791-2986.  I always enjoy being introduced to other great people who love the same thing, being a world class influencer helping even more patients live a chiropractic lifestyle. 

Many Blessings to you!

Dr. Fred


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