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How to get more referrals and lifetime patients walking in to your clinic without marketing!

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2018

Hi everyone, Dr. Fred.

When we want to build our practice, we have been told by most management companies that we must market.   We have been told to solve every practice problem with new patients.  This is what I was told by 4 management companies, yet my goal was to create lifetime patients, so that never made sense. I wanted to discover how to create more lifetime patients than ever before because this was my purpose. I found this type of effective communication training wasn’t available in the profession, even if management groups made these claims, I never found it in their systems. So, I went outside of chiropractic and studied human behavior, NLP, life coaching, research on human behavior, books, seminars and more. In this journey of almost 20 years, I found some amazing discoveries.

  1. If you want to create lifetime patients, then don’t teach them chiropractic. Teach them to TEACH chiropractic.

Great leaders and masters are not known for how many students they have. Great leaders and masters are known for how many masters they create.  If patients can teach it, they can live it. If they live it AND teach it, they will become lifetime patients.  From this, in Elite, we have the mantra, “We don’t create chiropractic patients, we create chiropractic leaders.”

Chiropractic leaders not only are inspired by the lifestyle, they bring other people with them who will be inspired by the lifestyle.  When you do this, patients make their appointments. They are easy to take care of because they are positive and are focused on overall health, not every ache and pain.  They have a bigger picture focus and don’t get caught up on small conversations.

Equally important, they bring people who will do the same and grow your practice.

Your loyal and committed patients want to refer to you, they just don’t know how. Maybe 20% of your patients are natural promoters. This is one of the reasons why 20% of your patients refer 80% of your patients, regardless of how satisfied they are with your care.  Do you ever wonder why a patient could receive such life changing results and not refer?  This can be very frustrating, I know.  One day I asked myself, “How do I make the 80% ACT like the 20%?” From this question came the, “3 Ways to Refer.”

These are 3 ways a non-promoting person, 80% of your patients, can help a person come into the clinic without risk.

  1. Invite them to a workshop. Invite them to your new patient workshop. This creates the most valuable patient, an educated referral. This is a person that now understands the principle and already has trust since they are a referral.  They hear you speak, you develop a relationship with them and they hear your inspirational message.  Then offer them an opportunity to come in for a free consultation. It’s a powerful way to create a great, qualified new patients every week.
  2. Come into the office with their friend to meet you. This is an easy task just to come in a talk to you with their friend. Of course, again you talk to them, offer them a free consultation and create a qualified new patient. At least they are in your office and meeting your team and the doctor, personally. This is a big impression.

These first two ways are training your patients to bring people directly to your office.

  1. Send their number and the doctor will call them. We tell them, “We set aside time every night to call people in the community to answer questions regarding their health concerns.”  The patient gets the referral’s number and gives it to us. We call them that night, answer their questions and set them up with a free consultation. It works every time!

When you implement these 3 ways to refer and create inspired patients who feel obligated to do these, you will develop a referral practice with more new patients than marketing will bring in and much less work.  At the boot camps, we teach you how to create chiropractic leaders then teach them how to refer. It’s priceless, powerful and highly effective.

An Elite doctor using the 3 ways to refer says, “We have guests from our patients in our workshop almost every week and patients bring more people in consistently.   We have all the referrals we need to grow and fulfill our purpose without paying a marketing person like we have in the past.  They are better patients and it’s a lot easier and more fun!”

Try the 3 ways to refer and let me know your success!


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