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Make Your Newly Empowered Patients Feel Great All the Time

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2017

In this series of posts about the 7 Ways to Enable Your Clients to Master Change, I've reached step six: conditioning that state of change in your clients.

In my last post, I looked at how we do this, with constant reaffirmation of clients' self-worth, with repeated positive reinforcement. Another thing we do is we provide special notice for individuals among our practice: We have a patient of the week, a patient the month. We have a correction of the month. We have a lifetime health club. We acknowledge people continually. We have the trash can eliminating beliefs.

What’s that? It’s a trash can where people throw out their drugs. Finding that asthma inhaler person comes in, they don’t need their inhaler anymore, so I drag that trash can out in the middle. “Okay, everybody pay attention. Hey, Jimmy here had asthma, he grew up with, depended on that inhaler. Jimmy how did you feel when you were a kid with asthma?”

“You know what, I wasn’t as good as everybody else.”

Everybody is going to have loving connection with this person. The acknowledgements give him significance, then what’s he going to say?

“Well I don’t feel as good.”

You say, “Okay, so you came in got adjusted, you spent 32 years with a low self-esteem, now what?”

“Now my body and posture are strong, my body is healthy.”

You ask, “Now what do you believe about yourself?”

“I believe anything can heal.”

Look at an empowered state. Your client says to himself or herself, “I’m no longer a prisoner of this.”

You say, “Throw it in the trash can.” They throw that thing in the trash can.

"What’s your belief system?"

“That I am powerful.”

Now you have all your patients clap. This puts them in a peak state because they’re contributing to others. You condition them to stay in that peak state by contributing to the well-being of others.

Here are further ways to do that. Say, “Lifetime members, the patients who have been here for a while, I want you to go give testimonials and I want you to help out those people who are new.” They go over and they give testimonials. Now the patient is in a state of contribution. They feel good.

You continue this by conditioning that state over and over:

"You know what? I so appreciate you because not only are you a leader in this clinic, you are a leader in this community.” I see the best in him, “You bring your family, you’re a leader in your family. You are teaching people how to be better.”

I see the best in them and I talk about it. It makes them feel great. What are they associating with chiropractic? “I’m more empowered because I went to the chiropractor.” Isn’t that what chiropractic is?

We condition that state over and over. Start with 20- to 30-year health and life goals. You introduce it, you make them feel it.

When people come in for the daily visit, you affirm them. “Man, look at you stand up straighter. You look great, your energy is different. Look you know you smile 10 times more now. Your smile is so much brighter.”

I see the best in them. I ask, “Who else is telling you that you got a bigger smile?"

“You know what? My husband does.”

"Do they want a bigger smile, like yours?"

There’s a referral opportunity, so you know you have to contribute to the lives of others.

Now they feel rewarded. That’s why they stay, because with every compliment you’re handling that uncertainty. Pretty soon they’re in that state, they become that person who they always were. You just helped them shed all the stuff that wasn’t true.

You’re always conditioning it into them over and over, and they will change and they will never want to go back.

Now let’s move into the final step, step seven: aligning with people's purpose.

In the meantime, what have been your experiences in conditioning a new and powerful state in your patients? How do you keep people engaged and committed?

Thank you for sharing.



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