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We “Cracked the Code!”

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2018

What’s “the code?” How many times have you asked yourself the question, why does one patient ‘get it,’commits to a full corrective program and even into lifetime care, while another has objections, wants a second opinion, can’t afford it or doesn’t have time? You may say similar things to both people, yet one commits, while the other walks out with excuses. Worse of all, in that process you feel like you are convincing, giving more information trying to help them to the point where it might even feel like selling.

This article is to show you how you never have to do this again. This is the code we cracked, the communication code to help 8 out of 10 patients “get it,” commit to full corrective care, and 8 out of 10 of those patients move into lifetime care. It’s already been proven with over 200 doctors in the last 1 ½ years at the rate of 93.6%.

The core to the code is, if you want to change the way people live with chiropractic as their primary health care source, you must change the what they BELIEVE! It’s true, people LIVE what they BELIEVE.

Just to prove this point, millions of people have been murdered, even slaughtered inhumanely, over religious beliefs. Differing religions create loyal, passionate followers that live their life for their beliefs.

Research does not even change beliefs. To prove this, how much information proves mandatory vaccinations cause harm, yet despite the research, many parents refuse to believe this is true and continue to vaccinate their children?

Gallop did a poll of the American public in Sept 2015 giving them 5 choices of health care for back and neck pain, including chiropractic.

54% of Americans chose medical care. How much research is there that supports chiropractic as the best choice of care over medicine for back and neck pain? Americans still do not believe this, which leads to one of the most common objections, “I want a second opinion.”

The bottom line, chiropractic principle is a fact. The spine and nervous system controlling the body is a fact. If facts really do influence people, then we should be seeing A LOT more of the general public than we are, which is only 14%. After 20 years of studying human behavior, how people make life changing decisions and communication to help people become self-empowered to change their life, one foundational principle is, “people live what they believe,” regardless of facts.

So, another question becomes, “How do we identify a patient’s current beliefs and change them into beliefs that lead to a lifetime patient?”

There are tools you can learn to identify limiting beliefs, learn how they are formed, how to clear them and create new inspired beliefs that will lead to lifetime care.

In this article I will address one of these tools on how limiting beliefs are formed that is taken from our “Creating Chiropractic Believers” boot camps that shows you exactly how to “Crack the Code” on beliefs.


4 Qualities that make a decision powerful:

This was taken directly from Strategic Intervention, a Tony Robbins coaching program, that identifies how people develop beliefs.

1. The earlier a decision is made, the more powerful it will be: These are beliefs that are created in childhood. An example of this would be a patient that has a dad that was a medical doctor that told him to never see a chiropractor. He grew up hearing this consistently for years. Another example is, “we don’t use credit cards. If you can’t pay cash, you can’t buy it.” Another belief that

is repeated throughout a child’s life. There are many more. When you hear statements like this, the more emotional the statement, you know you just ran into a belief system that is deeply, emotionally rooted. Your facts are NOT going to change their mind. In fact, the more you challenge a belief with facts, the more upset a patient may become. You an actually be pushing them away rather than convincing them.

2. The more urgent the condition, the more powerful it will be: A decision made under a highly emotional, urgent condition will wire into their brain more deeply. An example may be extreme pain and a previous chiropractor adjusted them and immediately relieved it. They will be programmed for pain relief, if the chiropractor didn’t teach them well. It could be a person was helped from a very disabling disc problem and surgery relieved it and the surgeon said, “NEVER go to a chiropractor.” Or, “never get your neck adjusted.” Their deep-seated fear created when a decision was made under an emotionally charged condition is very emotionally charged.

3. A key decision: A key decision is a decision that was made that helped a person through a problem. When they run into a similar problem, they will do the same thing, even if it makes no sense. This could be making payments rather than prepaying. It could be only using insurance rather than cash. It could be thinking about it for 24 hours. These are all key decisions.

4. A decision that is repeated and rewarded: This is a decision that was made repetitively and brought benefit every time. Every time the decision works for them, it becomes more hardwired into them and automatic. An example is, “Doc, just crack my back.” If they got pain relief and never did anything more, it worked so they will always do it again. These are the chiropractors that

accept people for just pain relief or don’t teach them anything different. I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m just saying we are wiring people for pain relief and it becomes very difficult to rewire them another way for health care.

This is the way your brain works. It associates emotions with conditions. When you feel pain and you make a decision to do something you think works, like just pain relief, you just neuro-emotionally wired that behavior into your brain to repeat over and over.

This is also why asking a patient how their pain is affecting their life, is also wiring emotion to be associated with pain. This will certainly “sell” a patient to start care. It also associates pain with emotion and leads to short term commitment, NOT lifetime commitment and changing their beliefs. This goes completely against ALL human behavior for long term change, which is synonymous with lifetime care.

In the beginning of this article we talked about 8 out of 10 becoming lifetime patients. Associating pain with emotion in the beginning will not get these results consistently. In fact, it may lead to the opposite. We can talk what WILL get lifetime results on another blog.

Solution: Here is the first step to cracking the code on beliefs. When you believe you hear a belief, ask the first general question, “I’m sure you have a reason you feel this way. Would you mind sharing it with me?” You MUST know the EXACT objection and its origin, so you can take the next step. If you don’t know the “trigger,” origin, you won’t know how to handle it, clear it and replace it with a new, more empowering belief. This one question will lead you to the trigger.

You can learn and experience how to handle ALL beliefs, how to identify your own limiting beliefs and the beliefs of your team that may be holding you back and how to replace old beliefs with new, more empowered beliefs to move your practice forward and create chiropractic believers and more lifetime patients than ever before. Call Dr. Fred at 949-791-2986 and ask about the boot camps, or go to elitecoahcingllc.com and fill out your information and Dr. Fred can call you, talk about any challenges you have, what you want to learn to create more lifetime, committed patients than ever before and your vision and purpose for your practice and life.    


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