First Visit Pamphlet and Patient Application Package

$399.00 USD

First Visit Pamphlet - 250 color-printed, high quality paper pamphlets that help the patient understand:

(1) How a Healthy Body Works,

(2) Subluxation,

(3) Postural Distortions.

They describe the process of “Your Next Visit”, “Report of X-Ray Findings”, etc.

They also cover FAQs, such as

(1) “What will my insurance cover”,

(2) “I am very concerned with the pain I’m experiencing now. How long will it take for me to feel better?”, and

(3) I have been to other doctors for my condition before. Why didn’t any of them give me the same information as I’ve learned in your office?”

Patient Application Package - A comprehensive and visually appealing new patient application that puts the patient’s health into perspective, arouses motivation for inspired commitment, and helps you educate each person on how in depth and vitally important spinal and postural health is!  All are printed with your practice’s logo, making it unique and personal to your team and business.  

1- Adult Version

2- Child Version

3- Personalized with Your Logo

4- Available in Spanish

5- One-Time Purchase - Print ready version included with your products


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