Unprecedented ROF Day 1 & Day 2 Audios

$399.00 USD

Dr. Fred’s uniquely brilliant systems of communication, physiology, and state changes teach you how to take your patients through a Consultation and ROF process that will educate them on their health, motivate them to commit to care now, and inspire health-minded, empowered community leaders, loyal to the purpose of chiropractic.  

Audio CDs for:

1- Pre-Consultation - Introduction to the Lifestyle

2- Consultation Step 1 - Getting all the organ problems

3- Four Step Consultation Part 2

4- New Patient Exam Part 1 - Postural exam and connecting to organs

5- New Patient Exam Part 2 - Turning facts into emotions

6- ROF Day 2, Part 1 - Patient interview for success

7- ROF Day 2, Part 2 - Giving the initial recommendations

8- Script Book Included

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