Grow Your Life From the Inside Out

This experience will open your mind and heart to a new level of awareness, how and who you see as yourself, give you a higher vision and turn potential into possibility.

Join the Elite Mindset and Self-Empowerment Experience!


This Group and Experience will create a TRULY PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION from world class self-empowerment coaches and leaders.












Because of the nature of the personal transformation experience, seating is limited to 100 (150) people.  This is only OPEN for a LIMITED TIME!

The Transformation experience is for people willing to do the following:

  1. Play FULL OUT!
  2. Be coachable.
  3. Push yourself.
  4. Have fun!

If you can do these four things this experience will be a perfect fit for you.

Elite Mindset and Self-Empowerment Experience is for those people who want to be at their highest and want to collaborate with great minds on the planet to take them to the next level.

Why do you NEED this and WHY is NOW the greatest time EVER to register?

  1. It will be a progressive and continual growth for you with each successive speaker.
  2. WE are SUPER SELECTIVE with WHO we put in front of you because our reputation is at stake.
  3. WE have HIGH STANDARDS we live by to create, not just inspiration, but TRANSFORMATION for you!
  4. Your success is our success. Our purpose is to provide the experience for you to fulfill your purpose at it’s highest level.  Being a contributor to your success and fulfillment is OUR PURPOSE!

"I've been with him for almost ninety days, and our collections have over doubled, which has been incredible. I think that's just a by-product of what we're doing in the office. Our staff is inspired. The energy in the office has totally changed. I'm just excited about this process. If you want to take chiropractic to the next level in your community and change humanity, talk to Dr. Fred and like he says, "Just do it."

Dr. Paul Podwojski - Novata, CA
Client since 2016

"The biggest thing for us was actually before the 90 days, our practice grew over 62% and I believe that was in 5 weeks. It was a huge number for us. Collections were at 58% within that 5 week range as well, but the point of the matter was we were actually having fun again. We were making differences in people's lives."

Dr. Pilar Labriola - Ramsey, NJ
Client since 2016

"Within 5 days following the Boot Camp, we went from 360 patient visits to 5 days, just by changing to a new mindset I learned from the Boot Camp. We've increased just about every area statistically by over 30%. The cool thing was we basically stopped marketing and still managed to grow significantly. The staff told us the Elite's systems made everyday at the office more enjoyable. If you're thinking about Elite, this is definitely the place to grow a practice."

Dr. Ben Gillis - Phoenix, AZ
Client since 2015


Call Dr. Fred DiDomenico at 949-791-2986.

Talk to me if you are ready to go to the next level of communication and results in your practice.

Grow your practice and reach your vision as a spinal corrective doctor. Call now!


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