We build 90% LIFESTYLE CULTURES that give you sustainability, profitability and freedom. Even if you have pain-based patients now! Our mindset, Self-empowerment and leadership training will help you and your team achieve meaningful growth within 90 days. 


Our coaches are highly trained in the psychology, leadership and culture building skills. They are highly successful, have clinics with powerful leaders in their team members, highly skilled in clinical results and represent the best in spinal corrective, successful, purpose-driven, principled cultures. They all came from other coaching groups looking for something more, began as Elite Coaching clients led by Dr. Fred DiDomenico. They diligently trained, implemented the systems, psychology, leadership and lifestyle culture building tools, created exactly what they envisioned in their practice and life, and now help other Elite clients do the same. 


Our Core Values guide us in our unique and different approach to self-empowerment, leadership, team, psychology and lifestyle building tools and systems that will grow and run your practice with more ease, predictability and automation, congruent from back door to front door.

Our Perfect Lifestyle Practice taught at the Boot Camps and throughout the Elite Coaching program, will give you and your team the confidence, mindset, communication skills and systems to advance 90% of your patients into a lifestyle culture. 

Core Values

1. Spinal Correction: We believe a Subluxated spine can lead to pain, disability, disease, and a life less than what people are created to be. We feel the responsibility to correct them to help your patients live their best life with their family.

2. Relationships: We believe relationships matter most. We honor lifetime relationships with our Elite Clients and teach you how to honor and create them with your patients. You come into a family, and we teach you how to create a family with your patients in your Culture.

3. Provide more value than you paid: We desire to give you the most value for your investment for being in the Elite family. We want you to feel this is the best, most life changing investment you’ve ever made in chiropractic and in your purpose.

4. Professional self-empowerment, leadership program: We believe your desire is to change the way your patients live their life. Our unique self-empowerment, leadership training helps bring the best from inside of you and your team, out to fulfill your purpose on a Higher level. We also teach you how to bring the best in your patients, to believe, live chiropractic and support this lifestyle mindset to their family and friends.

5. Conviction to the Purpose and Principle of Chiropractic: Chiropractic is a health lifestyle for all of humanity. We help you raise the purpose of you and your team to a new level that makes your self-confidence, communication and mindset unstoppable, powerful and influential. 

4 Pillars

1. Creating an Inspired Team of Leaders:  We don’t just create team members or employees, we create leaders that are convicted to the purpose, take responsibility for the team and run and grow your culture! This is the key to automation, freedom and fulfillment of your lifestyle culture.
2. Lifestyle Patient Experience Communication:  We train you on professional communication and human behavior, from Day 1 through years of lifestyle commitment, applied to creating a patient experience, far more powerful, predictable and effective than standard patient education. You will create an empowered leader, not just a patient.
3. Expand Your Culture in Your Community:  Your lifestyle culture will produce leaders as patients and your team, to give you continual inspired referrals. You will also learn how to collaborate with local businesses in your community who are aligned with your purpose and culture, become your patients, and refer to you continually. These relationships will give you stability, confidence and growth through any economy through trust!
4. Creating a 90% Lifestyle Culture with your Patients:  Would you like 90% of all patients to have a lifestyle mindset? The psychology and systems taught in this training will give you exactly that. There is no other group that knows the behavioral, psychological and mindset training that match. This will give you sustainability, profitability and freedom!


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