"Perfect Lifestyle Practice"

Creating 90% LIFESTYLE Patients that Builds A 7 Figure LIFESTYLE Culture!

Dr. Fred DiDomenico & The Elite Team Coaches

Upcoming  “Perfect Lifestyle Practice” Boot Camps

June 7th - 9th
Atlanta, GA
August 23rd - 25th
Atlanta, GA

Who are  these bootcamps for?

  •  Doctors tired of patients quitting
  •  Teams who are constantly recalling patients due to missed appointments
  • ​Telling patients the same thing over and over and they still don't "get it"
  • ​Doctors who are tired of trying to convince and educate into wellness care and many patients don't stay. 
  •  Doctors who are frustrated with managing their teams and they are making mistakes
  •  Teams who want patients bring their kids and family in for care from the 1st week, automatically
  • ​Create high quality referrals that make easy commitments to care and LIFESTYLE
  • ​Have all of their overhead paid for with just LIFESTYLE patient payments every month
  • ​Doctors and Teams who want to see IMMEDIATE Change overnight!

What are 
Elite "Perfect Lifestyle Practice” 


Do you want to have 9 out of 10 new patients commit to full corrective care, and 90% of those commit to lifestyle care?

Lifetime is a condition meaning they will come and go over a lifetime.

Lifestyle is a mindset that creates a way of living!

Lifestyle becomes a subconscious habit!

Do you want your patients to come to you automatically for health care as a way of life?


The Elite “Perfect Lifestyle Practice” Boot Camps are a professional communication, leadership and self-empowerment training that will elevate your team’s purpose, conviction and skill to create leaders, not just patients, that will live the lifestyle of health care with chiropractic.

Do you want to be their pain doctor, sell them a corrective program they will eventually quit, OR become their health care leader and they will come to you for all their health care decisions for their family for life?



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"What's a Discovery Call?"

It's a personal, one-on-one Call with Dr. Fred to discover what is frustrating you, the chronic challenges, and what is holding you back from your vision and purpose in both Chiropractic and in Life! We'll identify what it is that you want to make easier in your practice and in your life. If we're a great fit with common core values, and if we work together,  we will quickly strategize how we can help you to get more than what you possibly wanted.

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  • This is a compilation of over 23 YEARS of INTENSE and CONSISTENT human behavior training from multiple sources, professional life coaching training, as well as the personal experience of taking hundreds of people through personal breakthroughs into a better, different, more empowering Life.
  • ​This is a new model for a new world! Living a chiropractic LIFESTYLE involves changing beliefs, and behavior patterns for how your patients LIVE. It is also very important to know how to create empowering beliefs about their health, their life and most importantly, how they FEEL about themselves.
  • If you want 90% of ALL patients to see you as their HEALTH Care doctor, and come to you as a LIFESTYLE with their family, Elite is the highest standard in patient communication. 

We only accept doctors and teams that are committed to creating more lifestyle patients than ever before!

“Perfect Lifestyle Practice” Boot Camp Breakdown

Perfect Day 1 & Day 2

Perfect Retention

The "Perfect Day 1 & Day 2" BOOTCAMP 1 teaches the highest standard in patient communication applied to the Day 1 & 2 experience. Take a patient form focusing on pain, to focusing on living a healthier life!

It includes a script book with all the scripts described in both “Perfect Day 1 & 2” and the “Perfect Retention” system, along with online training videos, audios and one-on-one coaching calls.




How to take patients from pain into posture and full spine, overall health awareness in 3 1/2 minutes.


Patients associate posture with their specific organ and overall health concerns. Learn how to find each patient's individual emotional reason/inspiration and motivate them to express their desire to make a change in their health and life now!


How to perform a New Patient Exam that eliminates all objections. Your patients will feel and understand their problem and your recommendations on a deeper emotional level.


Learn how to interview a patient and spouse using advanced communication tools to inspire an emotional commitment to your recommendations. Give the initial recommendations to be accepted as a patient.

We begin with the Day 2 ROF, getting commitment to the initial recommendations to being accepted as a patient, an interview for successful commitment.

  •  Perfect Open and Close to your NP Workshop – Mastering your Story.

The opening of the workshop is a 4 Step System where you will learn how to captivate and engage your audience so they build a relationship and trust you in the first 3 minutes of your introduction. The closing of the workshop will show you a system for receiving referrals and making your workshop the biggest and most valuable practice-building tool.

The “Perfect Retention” BOOTCAMP 2  overcomes all time and money objections and inspires a patient to invest in their life for the next 20-30 years.

They are not buying a program. They are investing in a life! It will teach you what no other chiropractic system teaches about the unique emotions and systems that lead to long-term, lifetime change! This is were 90% of all patients will come to YOU for their health care decisions and guidance.



Learn how to interview a patient and spouse using advanced communication tools to inspire an emotional commitment to your recommendations. Give the initial recommendations to be accepted as a patient.

We begin with the Day 2 ROF, getting commitment to the initial recommendations to being accepted as a patient, an interview for successful commitment.

  •  PERFECT 7 Step ROF – Commitment to Corrective and Lifestyle Care.

This is a 7 Step process in a brief, Day 3 ROF establishing the patient and spouse's emotional commitment to their life and health goals making their health their TOP priority. This creates high value for their "time" commitment and makes your recommendations easy and solid. We show you how to bring them to "How" they will pay for your program rather than "if" they will pay or follow through with your program.


We show you a 3 Step System to a valuable pre-pay. This shows you how to build a trusting relationship with the patient and spouse so they are willing to talk to you about their investments and "How" they will invest in your care.

  •  PERFECT RE-EXAM – The Key to Long-Term Retention

The re-exam is the key to long-term retention. This is an 8 Step System inspiring the patient to live the lifestyle of optimal health through a healthy spine and nervous system. You will learn how to set short-term health goals, as well as inspire consistency, discipline, and vision toward their optimal life. With this inspiration, you keep patients referring to your practice.

Some Life Changing Experiences Doctors And Teams have had at These Bootcamps and beyond....

"Elite Coaching with Dr. Fred DiDomenico is above and beyond delivering the best communication skills between the Doctor & Patient. It is also an amazing way to communicate with virtually anyone else in your life; spouse, kids, community leaders, etc. I know I am a better, Dr., husband, father and friend as a result of Dr. Fred and his love for us and humanity."
- Dr. Scott Van Wilpe, Rogers, AR
"The Elite experience has been far greater and more empowering than I ever could have imagined. The mindset and purpose you unleash and are guided to find within yourself, makes the systems and action steps easy to carry out. I can’t imagine your direction and confidence not improving, both professionally and personally, using this system!"
- Dr. Alex Rumaczyk
"Dr. Fred’s seminar was an eye-opening experience. If you need help finding purpose and drive and a new perspective of how to grow your practice, Elite is for you."
- Dr. Spencer Hubbard, DC
"This is my 5th Boot camp. It has by FAR been the best one because it’s the first time I brought my team with me. We all learned so much and are so very excited to get back to the office on Monday and start implementing all the great things we learned this weekend. I love working with all of the coaches. They are all so very helpful. Our team had so much fun together too!"
- Dr. Ron Ploucha

Free Companion Guide


Download the companion guide and take actionable steps to put into place TODAY.

This is provided absolutely FREE. 

We expect a 20-50% increase in your practice within 3 months after you successfully complete the "Perfect Day 1 & Day 2" Boot camp and "The Perfect Retention" Boot camp. 

Your investment in the “Perfect Lifestyle Practice” Boot camps includes your whole team!

Team congruency, unity, leadership and self-empowerment is essential for the best, most optimal and immediate results.

They will take over FOR YOU!

This includes:

  • Perfect Script Book
  • ​Perfect Day 1 & Day 2 Videos 
  • ​Perfect Day 1 & Day 2 Audios
  • ​Perfect Retention -- How To Attain As 60-90 PVA Audios
  • ​Perfect One-On-One Coaching calls for you and your team on the 'Perfect Systems' 

The Elite Team Coaches

Dr. Fred DiDomenico

Dr. Thomas Holt

Dr. Pilar Labriola

Dr. Cotey Jordan 

Dr. Joe Labriola

Dr. Cameron Weishaar

Dr. Ben Gillis 

Dr. Chris DeCarlo

Dr. Lauren Mykalcio

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Are you ready to move from a pain patient to become their HEALTH CARE doctor for LIFE?

  • Grow to BE your BEST!
  • Bring the BEST Out in your team!
  • Create empowered LEADERS, not just patients!
  • ​BE a Health care LEADER in your community!
  • ​Fulfill your purpose on a HIGHER level!