"A Revolution in Health Freedom!"

  •  What medical doctors NEVER studied and are NOT telling you, that is determining your health, disease and life.
  • ​ What EVERYONE can know about where true health originates in your body.
  •  How our forward flexed, tech society may be causing weakness and disease in your body.
  • ​Medical research showing the TRUTH about your spine, nervous system and posture for pain, disability, disease or phenomenal health. 
  • ​How to take charge of the health of you and your family to live a life of confidence
  • ​5 - 10’s to a healthy spine, nervous system, posture and optimally for your health
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"No doctor or chiropractor EVER told me about this. I am so glad I bought this book and I now know how my health and life are dependent on my posture. Thank you for this, so I can live a healthier life with my family.”
  •  Learn why possibly you, your loved ones, friends and 80% of people suffer from back pain and neck pain.
  •  Learn how it can be, not only corrected more permanently, but can restore youth, vitality and overall strength and health to your body.
  •  You will finally understand a foundational reason WHY people get sick, develop disease and don’t understand how they ended up like in that condition.
  •  You will discover powerful actions steps you can take to stay healthy, active, strong and confident in your health for life.
Most Importantly
You will learn THERE IS AN ANSWER!

Who Should Read This?

  •  Anyone who wants to have full control over the health of their life and family.
  •  People who are already suffering with back or neck pain.
  •  People who have a health problem that don’t want to be on drugs, regardless of what you’ve been told by a doctor who did NOT look at your spine and nervous system as a possible correlation to your pain or disease.
  • ​Anyone who desires to be strong and healthy for the rest of their life.
  • ​People who haven’t received the results they’ve wanted with their health care in the past.
  • ​People who prefer all natural, more conservative approaches to their health care.
  • ​People who believe God created their body the right way, and want to restore their innate healing power.
“I was given multiple drugs for pain management and health problems and I was told I had to be on them for life. I went to a chiropractor, was taught the principles in this book and corrected my spine, posture and restored my nervous system function. I am healthy, strong and off my drugs. I’ve been given a new life.”
Here are instructional videos of the “5 10’s!” These 5 - 10’s will give you exercises and rituals you can perform daily at home to assist your healthy spine and posture. The 5th 10 is the most important for life-long health and professional guidance. These are a life-changing, valuable bonus.
“Spinal and postural distortions and their relationship to overall quality of health and span of life has been known for 60 years. Once again, why haven’t we been told by medicine?..... The truth that your spinal structure dictates the function of your nervous system, which controls your overall health and has always been the truth. Ancient civilizations have practiced this for centuries. Americans are now becoming aware of what other civilizations and societies have practiced since their inception thousands of years ago. This is not a new principle, but an old one, since it is truth. This book is in front of you to help give you a new opportunity for better health. The next question is, “What do you want to do?”

About The Author

Dr. Fred DiDomenico was born with the umbilical cord wrapped twice around his neck which almost killed him at birth. Because of the spinal injury in his neck, that no one knew about, he chronically suffered with sore throats, stomach problems, pounding headaches, daily sinus problems and immune disorders growing up.

As an athlete, he suffered multiple spinal injuries throughout his life giving him chronic, even disabling disc problems and neurological symptoms in his neck, back and extremities.

He became a chiropractor specializing in spinal and postural correction to restore nervous system function, overall strength and health. He was his own toughest patient due to his injury history. Not only did he restore his own health, strength and life, he became a committed doctor, strong leader with a purpose to restore strength, life and health in his patients. He now coaches chiropractors and teams to help as many people as possible around the world heal with corrective Chiropractic. He has influenced the lives of well over 1 million patients around the world.

He is also a spiritual leader to help people discover, live and fulfill their soul purpose in the book, “You Are More Powerful Than You Think” with the H.E.A.L.E.D. 6-Step System to Heal ANYTHING.

This is a powerful book that will change your perspective on your health, and how you want to take care of you and your family for life.

PLEASE share this with anyone and everyone who wants to take their health and life to a new level.
We can create a DIFFERENT world when we work TOGETHER!