The 5 foundational pillars in Elite Chiropractic Coaching will dissolve your frustration in your systems, your team and your patients. That chronic feeling that you are always pushing a boulder up hill to grow your practice will vanish. The 5 pillars will move you through your sticking points and even give you freedom if you run a personality driven practice. It will ease the dependance on you by turning what you do into systems.



The systems in the 5 pillars build a team, practice, and business that will smoothly, easily, predictably with growth that feels and flows naturally with high production to help you fulfill your purpose and vision in chiropractic and in your life.

Each pillar is interwoven with every other pillar so implementation of one system benefits and adds to the others. This makes the implementation of an all-encompassing system that creates greater impact in every area of your practice, community and beyond.

Creating an Inspired Team

Not having an inspired team is the #1 reason and anchor preventing growth. Many teams are task driven, not inspired. They act like they have a job, not a purpose. Even if your team loves your purpose, task driven teams make mistakes. You may feel the frustration of having to continually pour energy into repetitive training, continual effort to keep them excited about the purpose and mission of your practice and exceptionally motivated every day. They may love what you do for patients, yet they may not be continually referring, therefore pressure for growth is on you.

Without an inspired team you will not reach your vision for your practice. Inspired teams are focused on contributing to growth; they accept responsibility for their position and don’t make mistakes. They don’t require repetitive training. They have unity with their team, are uplifting and always inspired to the purpose of your practice. They live the lifestyle you teach because they value their own health at its highest, therefore they are an example to patients. Take the brakes off your practice and have your systems create an inspired team.

Patient Management

The average commitment to care in the profession is 20-50%. At this rate, you may feel the frustration and disappointment as half your patients either walk out in the first week, after they are out of pain or after they receive some, but not full correction. On average, 20% may stay patients long term. Learn the most influential patient management communication system that can increase your new patient commitments 30-50%. The unique life coaching/NLP communication is used by the top influencers and world changers around the world. In Elite Chiropractic Coaching, it is applied to spinal correction. Imagine 7 or 8 out of 10 patients committing to long term care. Would that change how you would feel about fulfilling your purpose in chiropractic?


Many practices are dependent on outside marketing to sustain or grow. This feels like you always need to put more wood on a fire or it will burn out. It’s hard work that is the definition of stress. In this pillar you are taught how to create each patient into an inspired leader. This means they have the desire to contribute to the purpose of helping more people enter into your program for life, which makes referring a necessity. Inspire the emotional desire to contribute, then teach them how to bring people in to your office. Referrals with high qualified patients becomes easy and consistent. You can relax, have a life outside your practice to enjoy and have new patients while you are in the office or away. We also teach you how to engage the community businesses to support your purpose and help them refer to you.

Lifetime Culture

The path to a lifetime patient is very narrow. You must have systems that control their focus leading them to their highest life, a lifetime chiropractic patient. These systems will give you the confidence and fulfillment of having 8 out of 10 committed patients moving into lifetime care. You can see your purpose expressed in a game changing difference with the majority of patients living the optimal spine/optimal health lifestyle.

Financial Freedom

When all these systems come together your practice will run like a machine with you or without you. This Pillar is about freedom. You will have freedom, not be chained to your practice. It’s never free to be a prisoner to your purpose with a personality dependent practice. In the process of implementing all the systems of these pillars, not only do you gain total freedom as your team applies and works the systems, you will be serving more people and as a result, achieve financial abundance to live a fulfilling life. Because of this, we also provide professional financial guidance to create financial safety for your future, if you need the direction. You now practice because it’s your passion and life purpose, not related to money. You serve others for the love of the relationship and the principle of Chiropractic. You are free!


These 5 Pillars have already proven to be uniquely powerful, life changing foundational systems to help you fulfill your soul purpose in chiropractic and life with ease and predictability. This gives you confidence, peace and deep gratification as you make a continual impact on humanity with your purpose.



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