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to a Lifestyle Culture

A Life-Changing DIFFERENCE

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Advancing Mindsets to Advance Lifestyle Chiropractic

Do You Wish Your Chiropractic Practice Was Easier?

  •  Are you tired of seeing patients quit or walk out?
  • ​Are you tired of hearing “I can’t afford it,” or “I don’t have time.”
  • ​Are you frustrated with staff that makes mistakes?
  •  Do you ever wonder why some “just don’t get it?"
  • ​Do you feel you would like to make more money?
  • ​Do you find you can’t replace yourself?

Create Leaders

We don’t just create patients, 
we create leaders.

Financial Abundance

Create sustainable, growing monthly cash transactions.

Elevate Purpose

Maximize the number of patients living the chiropractic lifestyle.

If You Want More Lifestyle Patients, You Need Elite Coaching!

Lifetime Practice vs. Lifestyle Culture

A LIFETIME PRACTICE has patients that USE chiropractic on and off for years, but using it as a healthcare system for their family tends to be a small percentage. Look at all the new patients that came to you 3 years ago… how many are still with you consistently today?

A LIFESTYLE CULTURE has ONE mindset, ONE belief system, ONE purpose, and ONE way to live. 
A lifestyle culture ensures that nearly every patient will adopt chiropractic as a way of life.

  •  Associates run the practice giving you freedom
  • ​Doctors who don’t want to rely on continual marketing
  • ​You are successful yet you know there is more purpose to fulfill inside you
  •  You are tired of continually managing your team
  • ​You have been stuck at the same level too long
  • ​You want something proven, updated, powerful and immediately effective

What Makes Elite So Different?

Elite Chiropractic Coaching is a true coaching group. 

Your team will not only be engaged in a professional self-empowerment and leadership training, they will develop the skills and tools to develop a true, consistent, lifestyle culture full of inspired, committed lifetime patients. 

You and your team will be empowered personally, and learn how to release self -imposed limiting beliefs that have been holding your full potential back. 

Your team will be conditioned to take responsibility and become leaders to fulfill the vision of the team, NOT just employees with a job. They will unite as a team, not just acting as individuals, building your culture from the inside out and translate that into your patients creating your lifestyle culture. They will create more than patients. They will create leaders!

You and your team will become professionally trained self-empowerment coaches and will gain the skill to create self-empowerment in your patients. The purpose and energy in your practice will flow naturally with conviction that will raise the standards of living a chiropractic lifestyle in all your team and patients.
All of this will be creating full corrective care culture committed to an optimal spine/optimal health LIFESTYLE. Everyone on your team will live this lifestyle and will inspire your patients and community to live the same.

Bottom line, you will fulfill your purpose in chiropractic AND have freedom to live the life you have envisioned. 
Purpose, Profit, Freedom (Perpetuity).

At Elite Coaching, we help you create a growing, thriving corrective chiropractic LIFESTYLE culture by teaching you how to create a powerful, united, consistent, sustainable LIFESTYLE mindset and strongly rooted beliefs in staff and patients.

The problem is you don’t have enough committed, lifestyle patients that continue to refer like crazy which makes you feel stressed and frustrated.

Like you, we believe that more patients should just “get it,” that chiropractic is a LIFESTYLE and healthcare system.

We know how it feels to be stuck like a hamster on a wheel which is why we have spent 20+ years studying human behavior science applied to communication and culture building, the new strategy in today’s new world, which has allowed us to help over 200 doctors in the last 2 years achieve 90% commitment to corrective care and 90% commitment to LIFESTYLE care at a success rate of 93.6%.

Do Pre-consultations. The RIGHT way.

Listen along with Dr. Fred and learn how to take a patient from "pain" into "posture" and overall health in the first 4 minutes.


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Revolutionary Science That Will 
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A New Awareness in the role of how your posture, spine and nervous system is determining if you will live in the misery of disease and disability, or happiness with lifetime health and confidence. How are you committed to live?

How To Start Building Your Sustainable LIFESTYLE Culture

Stop feeling stuck at the same level!  You may be successful, yet you know you have more in you. You may even feeling burned out; but, instead start growing the self-sustaining LIFESTYLE culture that fulfills your purpose and gives you freedom NOW!

1. Have a private call with Dr. Fred

2. Create a personal success plan

3. Gain the freedom you deserve

How Does Elite Coaching Help you Fulfill Your Purpose?


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What Is Not Having A Sustainable LIFESTYLE Culture Costing You?

Most ALL coaching groups have taught you how to build a “practice.” The problem is that a “practice,” has several mindsets of different types of patients. 

There are...
1. pain patients that quit, 
2. possibly one’s that just use their insurance then quit, 
3. those that complete the initial phase of correction and quit, 
4. patients that finish correction then quit, 
5. old patients that come when they want, 
6. old pain based patients, 
7. a small percentage of lifetime patients. 

That is 7 mindsets! 
By the human behavior principle of social proof, the individual will act like the group. Which mindset of 7 will the next new patient choose?

Your life purpose is now dependent on 7 choices, which is why you may struggle trying to create lifestyle patients and a sustainable, easy practice that runs on its own, or it’s dependent on you and you are a prisoner of your purpose. 

Now you MUST market because of the attrition of patients quitting because there is not consistency in mindset. 

You are officially “pushing the boulder uphill,” to not only sustain, but even MORE work to grow!

In today’s chaotic, uncertain world, people are searching for an INSIDE OUT healthcare, 
which means they are searching for chiropractic, but they just don’t know it. 

How effective are YOU at telling them?

"Our practice grew over 62% and I believe that was in 5 weeks. 
Collections (grew) 58% within that 5 week range as well."

Dr. Pilar Labriola


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