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Elite Chiropractic Coaching is the MOST
all-encompassing corrective chiropractic based system that creates the most lifetime patients in the profession.


Here is the list of services we provide to help you reach your vision and fulfill your purpose and potential. Elite provides these services to you for the lowest investment and highest quality in the chiropractic coaching profession.

These boot camps are like spraying “lighter fluid on a fire” for growth in your practice. You can refer to our boot camp page for more information. We expect your practice to grow 30 – 50% within 3 months of completing your first series. You should attend the next available series as soon as possible, only if you want to add more value to patients and your practice now. You do NOT have to be in the coaching group to attend.
This is the most valuable aspect of our coaching group. We take your visions and goals seriously and will personally guide and assist you to attain them. Each person is different, with different challenges and goals. We do not attempt to squeeze you into a practice-management box. This is our unique application of life coaching.
The Semi-Annual seminars are very different from boot camps, which are specific for advanced communication and personal development in our patient Management Pillar. The Semi-Annual seminars cover a topic in all 5 Pillars. We have world class speakers giving you tools to raise your standards and level of practice for you and your team on Monday. These seminars are game changers for you and your team.
Every Tuesday from 11am – 12pm PST, we teach a teleconference covering one of the 5 Pillars. You will receive an annual teleconference schedule so you will know the topic in advance and use them as a tool to leverage your team training, gain tools and systems every week to grow and improve your practice, along with raising the purpose, confidence and conviction of your team. They are taped and archived on our website, so you can go back to any topic in the last year for training on systems that need to help you rise to the next level. These are invaluable for you and your team.
A First Step Implementation Manual, audio’s for creating an Inspired team, audio’s and video’s of our Patient Management system with script book, Regaining Your Youth and Vitality new patient workshop, access to our website with training videos and teleconferences. These products will give you consistent training and tools to keep your practice and your team moving toward your goals.

Our goal is to help YOU become your best and live your best.

Start enjoying your soul purpose instead of being enslaved by it. It is the life coaching system applied to your unique practice that will help enhance every area of your life, and give you a potent new mindset. It is our personal approach that supports the high quality and powerful systems that empower clients to achieve unprecedented levels of success in their practices and their life.

You MUST be ready and responsible for this relationship, in order to join this system. Responsibility to your coaching relationship and relationship with yourself brings high level success and fulfillment.

When you come into the Elite Chiropractic Coaching family, all of these services include every member of your team. If you change team members, they are automatically included. We believe unity in this family and in your team is the foundation for your realizing your purpose and vision in Chiropractic.


Elite's unique approach is based on the 5 Pillars of Elite and our Core Values. It is these, combined with our holistic approach to chiropractic, that yields meaningful results for our clients.
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"Dr. Fred's coaching is really second to none and one of the most important things that we've gotten out of working with Dr. Fred over the last several years, is what we get here at the hands on workshops..."

Dr. Jason Haas
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Dr. Jason Haas
Windsor, CO

Dr. Fred’s Coaching is Second to None!

Hi. My name is Jason Haas. I'm a CBP instructor. I'm a CBP non-profit board member. I've been involved with CBP for well over a decade now, and this is my sixth bootcamp that I've been to with Dr. Fred. Dr. Fred's coaching is really second to none and one of the most important things that we've gotten out of working with Dr. Fred over the last several years, is what we get here at the hands on workshops. Because it's one thing to be cerebral about it and read it on paper, but it's another thing to have to stand up and do it and say it and be criticized on what you're doing in your communication skills.

I think that it's made me a better communicator, not just in my reports of finding and in my workshops, but also in my other relationships with friends and family and with my wife. The knowledge that I have gained on a real wisdom level extends way, way, way beyond the practice, and it moves into the realm of life changing experiences. What we see every day with what we've learned at the boot camps and what we've learned with Dr. Fred's coaching, is that it gives us a practice certainty and a real understanding that we're able to really get to the core needs of our patients. Address those needs, not only with the beautiful thing that CBP allows us to do in changing their spine, but being able to shift their perspective to understanding how important their health is and how foundational their health is, to everything else they do in their life. Be it their career, their education, their family, their recreation, their spiritual goals, whatever those goals may be, they are improved because we have shown them how important their health is in all aspect of their life.

I would definitely recommend coming more than once. There's again ... It comes down to reading something versus doing it. Hearing it again and again and again. Seeing different doctors perspectives and really getting the insights that no only Fred can offer, but also some of the other doctors and some of the other coaches because there are so many different patients and you're going to get so many different personalities. And those personalities are going to have to be addressed in nuanced and subtle ways and one of the very, very important things about the boot camps, is it gives you those very subtle ways that you can address the different types of personalities that you see in practice.

We've worked with a lot of different coaches before. We continue to address our own life coaching needs and we're always trying to improve our personality and improve our life skills and become better at what we do. One of the differences is that yes, there are scripts and yes, there are kind of a cookie cutter method, but it is not a scripted program. The scripts are there to create a foundation for you, and then you can draw from those scripts and be able to, on the fly, modify them to suit the needs of the patient and to answer the questions and ask the right questions, at the time, which is totally different compared to what other practice management techniques that we've worked with in the past, where it's very scripted and it has to fit into this box. Dr. Fred doesn't try to cram you into a box. He lets you be yourself and you can utilize his scripts to modify and to change the way that you work with the patients, so that you can address their needs.

I'm not going to say that we had a pain driven practice or that was only, you know, symptom driven but it's definitely created more of a posture and postures effect on organs, in the daily activities of our patients. So our patients are not just there for neck pain and back pain and headaches, they have a deeper understanding that their postural distortions have implications for their overall health. And it's allowed us to have more fun in practice and not just chase symptoms around all day long. We have a certainty to what we do in correcting the spine and knowing, that yes that's going to address our symptoms, but it's also going to improve their overall health.

I would recommend this bootcamp and Fred's techniques, especially to CBP doctors because of the foundation in spinal correction that Dr. Fred brings to the table. And also because often times CBP doctors are very intellectual and very cerebral and we love our numbers and we love our logic, and unfortunately patients don't always have the same cerebral intellectual understanding of numbers and logic and it's good to have that bridge between the real world and the very cerebral world of CBP doctor. The other aspect that I would highly recommend this to any chiropractor, is the simple fact that most of the schools fall very short in the teaching of communication and how to communicate what kind of health consequences come from having abnormal postures and abnormal spines. And so Dr. Fred allows you to have some certainty in your practice that you did not get in school and you're probably not going to get from any of the other techniques out there, the other gurus or the other coaches that are available.

Justin Scott

Justin Scott
Lithia, FL

Elite Has Allowed Me To Inspire My Patients!

Hi, my name is Justin Scott and I have been an Elite client for about a year now. This is actually my second boot camp; I learned so much the first time, I decided to come back for another round of boot camps. Now I was one of those people who was a little skeptical about coaching or doing a coaching group, but after seeing Dr. Fred at the CBP seminars over and over again, and the more I talked to him the more I got to trust him. I went out on a limb, I came to my first bootcamp about a year ago and it really did transform how I practice and how I felt in general with my relationship with my patients. I wasn’t really sure before I started doing Elite that I really wanted to coach patients. I wanted to be more of a technician or a mechanic, somebody who wanted to fix people's spines but didn’t necessarily want to inspire them to do that. Elite has allowed me to inspire those patients. I have better qualified patients, people that come in, go through the process that Elite will teach you and you truly do coach them to want to achieve a better life. So please, if you're on a limb, I ask that you reach out there, contact Dr. Fred. He talks to anyone for free, he gives his time, his cost, for you to grow your practice and to make sure that you’re being the best chiropractor you can be.










Liz Patterson
Fayetteville, AR
How long a client: 5 years

Bring the Energy and Atmosphere of Your Office to New Heights

Hi, my name is Liz Patterson, and I’m a chiropractic assistant at Dr. Denny Warren’s office in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This is our 3rd Boot Camp we’ve attended, and since implementing the communication tools that I’ve learned through Dr. Fred, it has really changed the whole atmosphere at the office. The energy that everyone experiences is so high. People just walk in off the street and they feel the energy and they’re like “I don't know why I’m walking in here, but I feel like I should be here.” And I didn’t think that my job was that important before, but after coming to the Boot Camps, I realized how important the chiropractic assistant is to the whole feel of the office, the vibe and the energy that our patients feel.


"I didn’t think my job was that important but after coming to the bootcamps I realized how important the chiropractic assistant is to the whole feel of the office, the vibe and the energy that our patients feel..."

Liz Patterson
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"I was a little skeptical about coaching or doing a coaching group, but after seeing Dr. Fred at the CBP seminars over and over again, and the more I talked to him the more I got to trust him..."

Dr. Justin Scott
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