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Conditioning a New State

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2017

In these past several posts, we've been exploring the 7 Steps To Helping Your Clients To Master Change. To refresh what we've done so far, here are the steps I've covered:

  • Understand others (speak their language)
  • Establish a base so that people accept responsibility for where they are
  • Interrupt their pattern of denial
  • Redefine the problem
  • Introduce a new state

Here, in step six, we're conditioning that new state.

Now you're starting to move patients into becoming more empowered. You've talked about patients' values and identity, their purpose. Now we’re going to condition it. Whatever their values are, then say, “You know what? Imagine you living in that life right now.

Have them feel it because they must come to embody it.

"Just imagine living that life right now. You’re traveling around the world, you have confidence. What does that feel like? You’re totally connected with your family, you’re a great leader.

"What you’re doing is you’re putting this thought in their body, where it becomes almost physical. When it’s in their body you watch their body change.

How does that feel? They tell you, “It feels amazing.”

Now you take them back to the pain: “Look at that X-ray," you say. "Can you actually feel and live like that? Can you actually live this life? Can you be that great leader?”

They’ll respond, “No.

”You ask, “Do you want to feel that way or do you like the feeling of freedom and confidence better? You don’t ever want to be like this again?”

This is important because once you’ve conditioned it into them, they don't ever want to feel like that again. This is an un-subluxated person who never wants to feel subluxated again.

How else do we introduce a new state? You introduce it through a daily visit. On Monday, you say: "Great to see you. Let's get your body and posture stronger. You’re going to have power through the week.” You have more energy through the week because you got to adjust it on Monday.

Have a theme for each day. Greet them by saying, “Hey, great to see you. You know what? You’re going to be stronger because you’re here today. This week is going to be phenomenal.” What do we do? We see the best in people, remember that and we infuse that into them. Let them know: "Every day you come here, your self-esteem is getting stronger.

”I’m conditioning that state on a daily visit. We do this with our whole team and we condition people over and over.

In my next post, I continue to explore this conditioning of a new state. I'd love to hear about your experiences in encouragement, in conditioning, in daily affirmations for your clients and patients. What do you do to keep patients interested and upbeat about working with you?

Thank you for sharing.



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