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Provoke People Into Breakthroughs

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2017

In my last post, I spoke about Step 3 of Helping Your Clients to Master Change: pattern interruption. I'm continuing that discussion here. You want to change their perspective. You want to provoke people into a breakthrough where they suddenly realize that what they've been doing isn't getting them what they really want.

That has to happen in a moment with one question or one statement. If you don't do it, they could take responsibility, but if you don't interrupt the pattern, then you can't redefine it. You can bring people into a state of confusion when you interrupt the pattern. A state of confusion or more awareness is better than continuing to move along the same tracks. We've got to transition their thought, and that's how we do it.

When Tony Robbins does this, he often uses profanity. He does it with tone. He does it with very direct questions, but just about every time he does something very aggressive, people cooperate. Because they trust him. They know he's there. Then after these interventions, he'll interview them years later or even he'll get them on tape after the seminar, and these people will say, "You know what? I didn't like you then. You pissed me off." He'd say, "Did you know I care about you?" They would respond, "Yes."

Sometimes when people have to face themselves, they don't like it. But if they know that you care and they sense that you're doing it for their benefit, they stay with you and they move through it. But if you simply ask a pattern-interruption question and they think you don't give a crap about them, well, you're just being rude. But that's not who you are. That's why we see the best in people. That's why we're not judgmental. That's why we're peaceful. We get our clients and patients ready for the pattern interruption.

You have a responsibility to interrupt their pattern. Be attached to the outcome, not the process. People determine their process. What you do is take them through the process and bring them to a breakthrough.

In my next post, I'll provide a few breakthrough examples of taking people through this process. I'd love to hear your experiences in this so far. What have you done to interrupt a pattern of your patients not taking responsibility? What were the circumstances? How did they react or move forward?

Thank you for sharing.



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